Initial Token Offering


1,000,000,000 Grotto Technology Supply Tokens ("GTST") are being issued on July 1, 2018. Tokens will be used on Grotto Supply's network to support financial transactions in a $380 billion industry. The proceeds from the ITO will be used to fund the develop and marketing of Grotto Supply. 


GTST costs ETH 0.0020 (approximately USD $1.00). Early participants in the crowdsale may receive a discount of as much as 50%.

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Already have a wallet and own Ethereum? Please visit our funding landing page. 

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Grotto Technology Whitepaper (pdf)




How do I purchase Ethereum?

To buy Ethereum you need to be set up on an exchange where you can purchase Ethereum. Grotto recommends Coinbase. Set up an account on Coinbase, link it to your bank account (or other desired method of payment), and transfer money to Coinbase. Once there is money in your Coinbase account you can use it to purchase Ethereum at the current market price.

How do I set up an Ethereum wallet?

Grotto recommends using Metamask. Metamask is a Google Chrome extension. To set up a wallet: 

  1. Add Metamask to Google Chrome
  2. Open Metamask by clicking on the extension icon in Chrome.
  3. First time opening Metamask, you will be asked to create a password.
  4. After creating password, a wallet will be automatically created.   

As an alternative, an Ether wallet can be set up on MyEtherWallet. Wallets created on MyEtherWallet can later to linked to Metamask.

How do I purchase tokens?

Coinbase does not have the ability to transact tokens. Tokens will need to be purchased through a Metamask or MyEtherWallet wallet. First, log into Coinbase and send Ethereum from your Coinbase Ethereum wallet to your Metamask (or MyEtherWallet) wallet using the wallet address.   

Next, if using Metamask, go to our funding page, enter the amount of tokens to purchase, make sure the Metamask option is selected, and click Contribute. The Metamask window will appear, to execute the transaction, click Send.   

If using MyEtherWallet, go to our funding page and copy the Crowdsale Contract Address. Log into MyEtherWallet, and go to Send Ether & Tokens. In the To Address field paste the Crowdsale Contract Address. In the Amount to Send field enter the equivalent amount of Ethereum for the number of tokens you want to purchase. Click Generate Transaction. Then Click Send Transaction.

I don’t see the tokens I purchased in my wallet?

After you have purchased tokens you will need to tell your wallet to go find them.  

Using Metamask: click on the Options button (top right). Click Add Token (at the bottom). Select Custom Token. Enter the Token Address (available on the funding page). Token Symbol = GTST. Decimals of Precision = 18. Click Next.  

Using MyEtherWallet: Navigate to Send Ether & Tokens. Find the Token Balances box. Enter the Token Address (available on the funding page). Token Symbol = GTST. Decimals of Precision = 18. Click Save.

Can I participate using other cryptocurrencies?

The token sale is controlled by a smart contract on the Ethereum network. Therefore, Ethereum is required to be used to transact purchases of GTST. However, cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, are easily converted into Ethereum using an exchange, like Coinbase.

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